Goodbye Uni!

I received my 2017 Semester 1 results yesterday and I can happily say I’ve passed everything and I’m set to graduate!!! My ceremony will be in November but according to the email I received this arvo, my “graduation date” is 31st July 2017. 

The last 4.5 years have been life-changing for me and I’m considering writing a few posts reflecting on my time at Uni, starting with detailed summaries of each year. I’ve come up with a few topics I’d like to reflect on:

  • First Year Summed Up 2013
  • Second Year Summed Up 2014
  • Third Year Summed Up 2015 – 2016
  • Fourth Year Summed Up 2016 – 2017
  • Regrets
  • Biggest Achievements
  • Happiest Memories
  • UNSW vs UBC
  • High School Grad vs Uni Grad 
  • Plans for the Future 

Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive and I will be adding more to the list as more ideas come to me.

For now, I’m going to start writing/reflecting and hopefully the posts will be up soon!!


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