2013 | First Year

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2013 | First Year of Uni

2013 started off with a trip to Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan. When I got back in January, I remember thinking I needed to find myself a job but since Christmas had passed, it was unlikely any retail stores were looking for new staff. I decided to try my hand at tutoring and promptly signed myself up on a few websites where I basically advertised myself as a tutor looking for students. My first lesson was conducted at Epping Library; I was nervous but it was a successful lesson. I started receiving more messages from potential students until I was teaching enough students to earn a solid weekly income to support myself.

Semester 1 of 2013 was uneventful. I didn’t go to ANY of the Uni parties/camps because I didn’t know anyone else going LOL. I also didn’t join any societies because….it was too much commitment. I paid close to $40 during O-week signing up for each and every society that I found interesting, but legit didn’t end up going to any of the events. I therefore didn’t meet very many people; I probably made a total of 5 friends during my first semester, ALL of whom were introduced to me through a mutual friend.


In July 2013, I made a huge decision to join BSOC’s Ski Camp. I can’t remember exactly why I decided to go; maybe it was because I’d missed out on the BSOC camp, cruise and other Welcome Back parties and I wanted to do something society related, or maybe it was because I genuinely wanted to go skiing/see snow. I don’t know. But I did sign up and went with a high school friend of mine. It was at BSOC’s ski camp that I was allocated a cabin with several other first years whom I’d never met before but quickly became friends with. Now, I don’t remember what I wanted to get out of Ski Camp; maybe it was simply to learn to ski, or maybe it was to meet new people, but whatever my intentions were I definitely did not expect to become so close to 10 other people who have ultimately shaped my Uni life.


I’m going to be completely honest here and say that at first, I didn’t feel as close to these friends as the world believed. We were this massive group that posted photos every other day where ALL 13 of us were tagged and some of the people in this group were very active within societies and therefore had a huge social media following. I’m pretty sure we spammed half the first year Commerce population with our frequent updates, photos and posts on each other’s walls. Everyone thought we were this really close bunch of friends who met up every day and spoke to each other every day, which was true, but initially I wasn’t close to anyone. I was close to them all as a group , but definitely not individually. These were some of the nicest, caring and considerate people I’ve ever met in my life and I soon realised this when I started getting to know them individually. I honestly don’t have words for how grateful I am to have met them; I was a shy and awkward girl who had no idea how to navigate this complex realm of University and out of nowhere these 12 super cheerful human beingss literally infiltrated my life and showed me this whole new world of clubbing, eating out, road trips and basically going to every University event and Sydney event as a group. I love them. Seriously. My life would have been a dull, black abyss without them.


It was thanks to #SeriousYOLO that my University life became more wholesome and fulfilling. I went to BSOC’s annual ball, BSOC’s BSXC dance party, Round House party and a whole heap of other events in Sydney at their encouragement. Suddenly, I wasn’t staying at home everyday or dining out at the same places. I was trying new things, eating out at new places and just stepping out of my comfort zone in general.

If I could use only one word to summarise 2013, it would be #SeriousYolo. I became more adventurous and outgoing thanks to these legends ❤



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