2016// Review [PART 4]

May // Travelled along the west coast of USA, went camping, hiking and thought I was going to die because my shoes were too slippery. Went to a strip club in Vegas and thank the lord my eyesight was bad. Mid- May, I flew up to Montreal and stayed at Anubhav’s place with Jessie. Then visited Toronto, and met up with Marcus in New York. While bicycling to Brooklyn Bridge, I temporarily separated from Jessie and Marcus. I had no phone (Marcus had my phone) ,no money, no map and had absolutely no idea where I was. Luckily there was a map where I parked my bike and I was able to walk the rest of the way to Brooklyn Bridge, where I hoped to reunite with Jessie and Marcus. I walked the length of the Bridge twice and almost lost all hope of finding them but thank the lord once again, Jessie and Marcus had similar thoughts of finding me on the bridge and we bumped into each other. Apparently Marcus got hit by a car and during the chaos, I lost sight of them and rode ahead (instead of turning right.) Marcus and Jessie were considering calling NYPE if they didn’t find me on the bridge LOOOOOOOL and Jessie thought I was crying by myself HAHAHHAHAHA. Gooooood days!


June // Said goodbye to Jessie and Marcus and commenced the next leg of my trip. Flew from New York to Milan, with a stopover in Iceland. I had almost a whole day in Iceland so I bought tickets to go into the heart of Reykjavik and explored what has now become one of my favourite cities in the world. If there’s one place I need to revisit, it’s Iceland. Arrived in Milan late at night, and slept in the airport. Reunited with Alicia in the morning!!!!!! Then on to Florence and Rome. In Rome, we got kicked out of “Altare della Patria”, got fined for jumping on the train without a ticket, almost missed our flight (we would’ve if we had waited to buy train tickets), and once we landed in Barcelona, realised that my luggage had never left Rome. Spent the first 2 days in Barcelona wearing Alicia’s clothes, and she used my makeup. Spontaneously bought tickets to see Diplo at Razzmatazz (one of the biggest/most popular nightclubs in Barcelona). Spent my time in Madrid with random nose bleeds and sneezing every 5 minutes. Had never been so glad to get out of there!! Budapest, Vienna and Prague all stole my heart….honestly don’t think I have a heart to give away anymore LOL.

We celebrated Alicia’s birthday in Prague, and went our separate ways. I landed in London for Summer School at LSE. Met a bunch of wonderful people from the states and finally got to hear first hand stories about frat parties HAHHAHAHA

July // Celebrated Fourth of July with my American mates heheheh. Then had to say goodbye to them after 3 weeks 😦

Finally came back to Sydney!!!!

August // Applied for Pandora and received my offer a few days later. Had a my first on the job training at the end of August! Also started applying for internships/looking at courses to do in the holidays if I didn’t get an internship.

September // Applied for KPMG and got accepted into their Audit and Assurance stream! Was probably one of the happiest days of my lifeeee heheheheh Went to Port Stephens with mum and dad – was pretty damn fun!!!!

October // Barely surviving Uni, went hiking, Night Noodle Markets, celebrated Bianca’s birthday and went clubbing for the first time in….forever haha

November // Completed my second last semester of Uni!!! Attended Bi + Jessie’s graduations, caught up with exchange mates over brunch and a trip to La Perouse, celebrated my 22nd birthday.

December // Officially started my internship on the 5th!! Met all the other interns in Corporate Audit as well as my engagement team. Spent the first 2 days training, the next 2 at client’s and Friday was spent at Barangaroo. Saturday and Sunday, I worked at Pandora. The following Monday, we got paid to literally run around the city being tourists. Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent at Barangaroo and Thursday was SCA’s Christmas Party. The vaccies weren’t told about the after party, which was apparently where the ‘real party’ started hahahaha. The firm wide party was held the following week and the venue was stunning!! Spent the other days of the week working at Pandora. I basically worked 7 days a week in the first two weeks of December and had my first day off in the third week, then back to work at Pandora. Celebrated Christmas with exchange friends on the 24th, and New Years at a house party on the 31st 😛 Went bouldering on the 30th, lost my grip, fell and hit both my ankles against the boulders. Luckily the swelling isn’t too bad.

Anywayssss, i hope 2017 will be as good as 2016 but that’s probably asking for wayyyy too much (since 2016 has literally been the best year of my life so far!) But *fingers crossed* 2017 will be just as great as 2016!




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