DAY 3| 29th MAY 2016

We started off the day visiting the University of Toronto. I remember I used to hate visiting famous universities; in 2014 I visited Boston and the last thing I wanted to do was explore Harvard and MIT. My parents, relatives, friends and basically everyone in the world told me to buy a Harvard cap/t-shirt/souvenir and I was like “WHY???? I DON’T CARE ABOUT HARVARD”. 2 years later, I’m visiting famous universities in every city I go to.

IMG_1452We didn’t have time to explore the entire campus + a lot of buildings were dispersed in other areas so we sat on the grass, read our book (standard) and then headed to Casa Loma.


On the way to Casa Loma, we stopped by a few open buildings. Toronto had this “open buildings tour” over the weekend where many famous and historic buildings all over Toronto were open for the public to visit. We asked a volunteer for any recommendations as to where to go and he mentioned the Masonic Temple. I had no idea who the Masons were, but after googling it turns out the Masons;
1) are like a modern version of the Illuminati
2) they may or may not control the world
3) are basically a frat for adults (no women allowed)
5) are all over the world
6) there are sub organisations within the Masons
7) collectively agree that there is one God
Overall, it was rather intriguing so Jessie and I decided to pay the Masonic Temple a visit.


As usual, we got sidetracked on the way there (we went to Sephora and MAC…AGAIN) and ended up going inside at exactly 4:30. (Doors close at 4:30- YOLO life).

So the Masons occupied the building since its construction in 1916; MTV took over in 2006 and is now occupied by InfoTech.

Our final stop for the day was at Casa Loma – A FREAKING CASTLE IN TORONTO.

Well…not really. It looks like a castle but it was simply the home of a financier – Sir Henry Mill Pellatt in the early 1900’s.

Casa Loma was used as the filming location for quite a number of famous films/TV Shows; X-men, The Mortal Instruments, Hemlock Grove and I only just found out today that it was   the location for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 where the castle itself was apparently “transformed into Hogwarts”.




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