DAY 1|27th MAY 2016

Jessie and I woke up bright and early on Thursday afternoon to board our 7:30am bus from Montreal to Toronto. Saying goodbye is always difficult, but knowing I’d see Anubhav in Sydney in a few months made it a tiny bit easier 🙂

We took an uber to the Megabus station (freeeee ride ’cause I signed up the day before!) and since Jessie and I are all about the YOLO life we left the house at 7:19am.

Sooo yes, we were late for our bus.

The uber driver knew and since he couldn’t turn into the bus station because it was a one way street, and dropping us further up the road would delay us even more, he stopped at the lights and dropped us off in the middle of the road.

So we got out.

And I almost got run over by a car.

Not even kidding. I grabbed my bags and got out of the car and in 1 second, I processed that Jessie was already on the sidewalk with her bags and the light turned green already so the uber driver needed to head off which meant I needed to run to the sidewalk. In the next second I turned right, and a blue car was speeding down, saw me, honked and slammed on the brakes.


Anyway, we ran for the bus and made it at 7:31! WOOHOOO

We checked into Neill-Wycik Backpackers Hostel which is right across from Ryerson University. Our rooms were on the 20th floor (Hehehee great views from our windows!!) and surprisingly, instead of 6 bunk beds in one room (which was what I expected from hostels), we had our own rooms. It was like Walter Gage at UBC, one apartment with 6 individual rooms, one common area, toilet and shower. We realised this was probably a dorm for Ryerson students during the semester.

Unfortunately, there was no wifi in our rooms 😦 We had to either go to the cafe on the ground floor to find wifi or go up to the 22nd floor lounge.There’s also a roof top above the 22nd floor; Jessie and I went at midnight and the view of Toronto is simple magical 😍


Tim Hortons – As usual, I bought myself a Nutella cookie and an ice coffee. I’m not sure how much longer the Nutella promotion will go on for so I’m taking advantage of its availability while it lasts 😀

Kimchi House– For dinner, we had Korean food! I ordered a Kimchi stew (as usual) and it was so spicy that I started to fear my tolerance for spicy food has diminished over the last month 😦 The side dishes were THE BOMB. I’m not exaggerating when I say Kimchi House had the best side dishes ever. Usually side dishes complement my dinner, but I liked the side dishes more than my food!

Jessie and I met up with Marcus after we checked in. Since it was raining we decided to go “shopping” (read: window shopping/putting on make up at Sephora). We stayed in Sephora for ageeees (standard).

I’m still debating whether to purchase the Make Up Forever’s Pro Sculpting Lip Pen and/or Nudstix’s Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil and/or MAC’s Hot Tahiti. Even with taxes and Australia’s weakening currency, It’s still cheaper here compared to Sydney. (AUD25ish compared to AUD36), but I’ve promised myself not to buy anything unnecessary so I probably won’t buy it 😦 The only “unnecessary” things I’m allowing myself to purchase is coffee and the occasional snack/ ice cream 🙂


We walked through the financial district, the Toronto equivalent of Sydney’s CBD. I felt like the black sheep walking along the street as I was wearing a very casual white v neck t-shirt and baggy boyfriend jeans (ripped I might add) while everyone around me were neat and smart in their suits, ties and corporate outfits. The financial district felt bigger than Sydney’s, and the buildings were strikingly better looking. Just look at the architecture of these buildings!!!IMG_1296


As per usual, Jessie and I wanted to see the sunset and after minutes of googling, we decided to go to Riverdale Park to see Toronto’s skyline. Apparently, Riverdale Park is one of the best places to watch sunset in Toronto, but we were a little confused as to the actual location because there were different entrances to the park. (East and West). We ended up walking for over an hour, and after crossing a bridge we saw the tip of the buildings but overall, it was quite disappointing.




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