Life of an Exchange Student Week 3


Sunday 17th January:

Woke up nice and early for yum cha at Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant. This may be hard to believe, but I’ve only ever tried yum cha once or twice in my entire life , and honestly, I don’t recall the food tasting that great. (Sorry Yum Cha lovers!!!)

We ordered pretty much everything on the trolley and stuffed ourselves with Chinese buns, dumplings, chicken feet, egg tarts etc. We each paid $15, which was reasonable considering how full I was after the meal!


After a very filling brunch, we spontaneously decided to explore Queen Elizabeth Park as it was within walking distance from the yum cha restaurant.


I’m a pretty crap photographer so the above photo doesn’t capture the beauty of the view, but I can assure you from where I was standing, the garden looked exquisite. It would’ve been better if it wasn’t cloudy that day; the garden would’ve looked even more stunning under the sun!


Sometime in the afternoon, Jessie and I decided to visit the local cemetery while the rest of the group headed back home.


At night, Jessie and I joined four other people ( Ben, Sarah, Ivan and Jorge) for a late night screening of The Revenant.

I’m going to be completely honest here, I didn’t think The Revenant was that special but then again, maybe I don’t know how to appreciate good films/acting? The entire storyline was revealed in the trailer, and the 2.5hr long movie could have been condensed into 10 minutes and I wouldn’t’ve missed anything (but maybe the whole point of the movie was to showcase Leo’s impeccable acting skills?) Anyway, I almost fell asleep during the movie but managed to stay awake until I got home at around 1-2am.

Monday 18th January:

CHILL DAY FOR MOI. Stayed at home and studied 😀 (First assignment due on Thursday!)

Tuesday 19th January:

The Sumyuku gang plotted a surprise midnight birthday celebration for Sophie. I went shopping for her cake in the afternoon, and just before midnight we all congregated at Gage apartments to execute the plan 🙂 At first I thought it would only be around 6 us surprising her, but when we arrived, a bunch of Sophie’s “other” friends (who are now friends with everyone hehehe) were there to surprise her as well!



So as you can see, the candles look so disorganised. We were trying to spell out “WA” (Wing Attack) using 20 candles (because she turned 20!); while I managed to write out WA using 20 dots, sticking 20 candles into the cake was a completely different matter. The above is the result of my failed attempt at using candles to make letters.


Preparing to surprise Sophie!

Right before 12am when I was carrying the candle lit cake,  stupid me decided to say something to someone across the cake and I accidentally blew out all the candles…..Sorry Sophie!!!


Outside Sophie’s door 

Luckily she opened the door. I know if it was me, I probably would’ve pretended to be asleep and ignored the knocker. HAHAA



OH! And we found some random balloons abandoned after some party so we decided to recycle it and give it to Sophie HAHAHAH.

Wednesday 20th January:


Awesome food + Fantastic people = Perfect birthday celebration 🙂

We had dinner at Romer’s Burgers and then drinks at 12D to finish off the night 😀

LOOK AT ALL THE DELICIOUS BURGERS!!!!!! Also, Canada has this awesome system where they split the bill for you before you pay – so instead of giving you a bill of $57.74 and expecting everyone to frantically take out coins and work out how much change they need, the Canadian waiters/waitresses give you individual bills and y’all pay individually. HOW COOL IS THAT. I remember seeing $1.78 for the chips on my bill and I was like WOWWW. C’mon Australia, time to adopt this split billing system!!





Thursday 21st January:

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means? Yep, PRE’S AT 14D AND KOERNER’S!!!!!!!!

There’s not much to write; A picture is worth a thousand words.



Yup, it was a great night

Friday 22nd January:

Went shopping, had the best hot dog ever (JAPADOG!!!) and spent the night playing cards and chilling at Fairview 🙂

Saturday 23rd January: 

To finish off the week, we went karaoke in Richmond (almost known as China/Asia/Chinatown etc. because it’s literally full of Chinese people, restaurants and signs.)



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