Life of an Exchange Student WEEK 2

11/01/2016 -16/01/2016


I survived my first week at UBC.

To be honest, that first week felt more like an entire month. Imagine going out every single day for 6 days straight (doesn’t matter if it’s simply going out for dinner or drinking past midnight), the point is, I don’t think I’ve ever been out past midnight so many days in a row. 

Life in Sydney for me was basically:
Monday: Uni + work (arrive home by 9)
Tuesday: Uni + Gym (home by 8)
Wednesday: Uni + work (home by 9)
Thursday: Uni + Gym (home by 8)
Friday: Home / occasional birthday dinner / work
Saturday: Work / occasional birthday dinner/party
Sunday: Chill day at home

So you see, the number of times I went out last week was equivalent to Sydney-Shirley’s one-two months of adventure.

Now, for a brief recount of what went down in week 2.

Sunday 10th January:

Every Sunday (and some other days apparently), between a certain time period, UBC students may go ice skating for free. Unfortunately, this time period only lasts 1.5 hours, and being the poor terrible time managers that my friends and I are, we arrived at the Thunderbirds Stadium 15 minutes before the session was over. So what did we do? We stood outside the rink and watched and laughed at our friends who were falling/struggling to maintain their balance. Yes, we’re terrible people.

A massive group of us then had dinner at the the Village food court (the go-to place for cheap Asian foooood!) & afterwards, a few of us Fairview people went to chill at The Beanery (coffee shop in Fairview).

Sounds like a relaxing day, right? Does Shirley finally get to go to bed before 12??


Instead of heading home at 10pm when the coffee shop closed like a normal person, I decided to go for a walk. Around campus. For almost 3 hours.

Yeah, I was a zombie in my morning class the next day.

Monday 11th January: 


Tuesday 12th January:

Only highlight of the day was grabbing burger and beer for dinner at this random pub downtown with the Sumyuku gang.

Wednesday 13th January:


So the gang finally experienced partying at the infamous Pit Pub. To be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. I guess since everyone called it the club on campus and how it was basically tradition to go to the Pit on Wednesdays, I was expecting some insane nightclub, but it was just a very spacious underground area with a dance floor, two bars and many, many booths to accommodate those who prefer to sit and drink and complain about life instead of dancing.


Thursday 14th January:

I woke up nice and early, feeling tired as fuck and went off to class.

Remember how Thursdays = Koerner’s? Yep, that’s right.

Another night of drinking. Another night spent walking around campus. Arrived home around 3am.

Lucky for me, I don’t have class on Friday’s, otherwise I’m 100% sure I’d be skipping every single Friday morning class.


Friday 15th January:

We decided to be Canadians for a day and went to watch an Ice Hockey Game.

Little did we know we were watching a youth game, and the average age of the hockey players was 16.

The only highlight of the game was witnessing a fist fight between two players.

I guess Ice Hockey ain’t my thing?

Oh, and guess what happened afterwards. Yepppp, more drinking! HAHAHHA


Saturday 16th January:

I was invited to have brunch with a bunch of people but unfortunately I overslept and ended up staying home the entire day. I did however, go out for dinner at this place nearby [Jinya] that served the most succulent ramen ever.




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