Shirley’s Food Adventures 1.0

For those who don’t know, China is famous for its cheap and delectable food! A pearl milk tea in Australia costs me around $5.50 – $6.50, which is equivalent to around RMB30. A large authentic pearl milk tea in China costs exactly RMB10. That’s a third of the Australian price!!

What I look forward to every year is the amount of delicious food I will consume in China at the end of the year without feeling having to mentally calculate my new bank balance. In this post I will feature pictures of all the tasty snacks, food and dessert I devoured.

Beef & Kimchi Udon **** [Devoured this after a 10 hour flight at Shanghai Pudong Airport – I never eat airplane food because they taste utterly disgusting. Best post-flight food ever]


Vegetarian Hot Pot ***** [My aunt is a devout vegetarian, and she first introduced this vegetarian hot pot buffet last year. Ever since my amazing experience at this buffet last year, I’ve been craving it all year! I was 100% content after Monday’s lunch.:)


Stir-Fry vegetables with Fish *** [My dad and I had no idea what to eat for dinner so we basically just walked into the first restaurant we saw after I complained that my feet hurt LOL]


 “Shredded radish pancake丝饼” ***** [This was one of my favourite snacks when I was a child. I remember they used to sell it downstairs and my grandparents would buy me several every day to munch on. Unfortunately it seems over the past 18 years or so, its popularity has diminished and now we have to walk pretty far to find a stall that sells it. 🙂


My grandma is the world’s best cook. It’s been a while since I had such a fulfilling dinner with literally all my favourite dishes laid out on the table for me to enjoy. Why dine out when I can happily eat the best home-made meal? 😀


“Stinky tofu |臭豆腐” ***** [I’m sure most of you have heard of China’s infamous “stinky tofu”, named obviously after the supposedly repulsive odour of the tofu. HOWEVER, guys trust me, this is NOT the case. The tofu admittedly has a distinct smell, but it’s NOT foul, and the taste is amazing. This is definitely one of China’s delights & I urge you to try it if you ever visit China. Every year in China, whenever my grandparents ask me what I want to eat, my answer is always “I want to eat stinky tofu”.]


“White Rabbit Creamy Candy|大白兔奶糖” ***** [My favourite lolly ever! The last time I remember eating one was when I was like….10 or something. Will definitely be brining these to Canada!!! 🙂


Preserved Eggs with Tofu|皮蛋豆腐” **** [I love tofu, so any dish with tofu is definitely my cup of tea]


 “Lamb Kebab|羊肉串” ***** [Spicy roasted mutton cubes on a skewer. The manager recommended this and it was fantastic. If you ever visit China, try it!!]




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