I’ll miss you Straya!

Two days ago(13/12/2015), I boarded my 12pm flight to Shanghai. It was quite difficult to bid farewell to my favourite country for the next few months as this will be my first time leaving Australia for such a long time. It was even more difficult to say goodbye to my friends, many whom I’ve known since I was a young dorky preteen. I was glad my friends didn’t see me off because I definitely would’ve cried…and me crying is certainly not a pretty sight.

Here are just a few photos taken recently to remind me how blessed I am to have such amazing, caring and selfless friends in my life and even when I’m living on the other side of the world, I definitely won’t forget you guys ❤ Remember, WE HAVE TO SKYPE/MESSAGE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.


So, Australia…… for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with you. On one hand, you’re my rock and my home; I can’t imagine living permanently anywhere else in the world. You’ve seen me at my best and at my worst, and not once have you judged or deported me out of the country. No matter where I am in the world, I’ll always be an Aussie girl at heart.

On the other hand, I’m very glad to be leaving you for the entire summer and spring. Why? Well…. Australia, why on earth are you home to a billion different species of reptiles, insects, spiders, bacteria and god knows what other ridiculous creatures you secretly house within those dense bushes and faraway mountains of yours? Your snakes and lizards are absolutely fucking terrifying. I saw a fucking snake at a train station. What. The. Fuck. It wasn’t even a station situated in the middle of the bushes; it was a highly populated area where hundreds/thousands of students catch the train every single day. AND THERE WAS A FUCKING SNAKE. C’MON AUSTRALIA. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Thank god I’ve never witnessed a snake near my house (I live on top of a hill and behind my house lies the bushes) but I’ve heard dreadful stories of my mates discovering snakes in their houses and in their backyards. Moving on, what I absolutely detest about Australia is the fact that I can’t even leave the house without encountering multiple lizards. Guys…..I have a confession. I’m scared of lizards. Scared shitless. It’s an irrational fear since I know they won’t hurt me but I’m still scared. Yet I still have to see them every single day in Summer. The other day, I went hiking/bush walking with my mates from Spit Bridge to Manly and far out, the amount of times I saw lizards of all different shapes and sizes was ridiculous. My heart was pounding, I was dreading every step I look and I literally thought I was going to die of fright. So yes, on some level, I am glad to be leaving my home.

Moving on. I will be spending just under 20 days in China – Suzhou and Nanjing. I won’t be doing anything interesting during my stay in China unfortunately, but at least I’ll have more than enough time to research all the places I should visit in Canada! (This includes clubs/bars etc heheheheheh ) If any Canadians (in particular those residing in Vancouver!) stumble across my blog, please let me know of any good clubs/bars, cafes and restaurants! I can’t wait to try the food there!



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